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I also asked for them to pm me their mailing address so I could mail them proper invites.

I whipped up custom acceptance letters on photoshop which were accompanied by the list of supplies they will be needing as well as train tickets and I got to use my wax seal!

This was just a portion because we kind of went nuts on the food!

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I even kept the guest list secret so my friends were completely baffled as to what I was up to. Here, ranked from best to worst, are the 26 childhood defining Halloween sweets. Children have full permission to turn their noses up and walk away from the house if given these absolute eyesores.With their informative animal prints and whimsical quizzes on the wrappers, they almost made the top five, but we had to take into consideration that they're pretty flimsy in comparison to their less breakable rivals. Arguably the top of the sweets food chain – knocked off the top for the simple reason that they're only available between January and Easter, so it means that these babies have been lying around the house around eight months. It also gets me in the mood for all things Harry Potter! But most importantly, it inspired us to host our very own day at Hogwarts. I get excited about the change in the season, the sun rays get a lazy slant, things get a little bit cooler, the leaves start to change and Hallowe’en stuff hits the stores.

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