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During my training, I was told to contact the authorities if there was any untoward incident."I immediately called the Fire and Rescue Department," he said at the scene.Following is an update to the earlier announcement.At this time, the Company intends to re-start regular nitric acid and ammonium nitrate ("AN") production, on a partial basis, in approximately 30 days, and increase that production over the next 90 days, as various plants are brought back on-line."Investigations revealed a crack in one of the canisters.

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The Company intends to replace the nitric acid production capacity lost by this event.-- Control systems -- The El Dorado Facility main nitric acid control room structure was destroyed by the explosion; however, most of the controls remained intact.A temporary control room will be utilized until a new permanent control facility is erected.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.A trailer driver helped prevent a disaster when he noticed that the sulphuric acid he was transporting had leaked onto the middle tyres of the vehicle. Saravana Kumar, 32, said he had earlier felt a dryness in his throat.

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