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Because of our neediness, our loneliness, our past pain, our current sadness, and our competing desires to be both left alone and reached out to, the Church seemingly can’t win. A few suggestions from a former Adult Ministry Director and a current Single herself: I was in a service once when the pastor was sharing about an upcoming event for single adults and he actually asked all the singles to stand up. Whether you are curious, want information or just looking for someone like yourself, we’re glad that you have stopped in.If reconciliation is not possible, we suggest a transitional period of healing during which we strongly recommend attending Divorce Care or an alternative divorce recovery program.After a transitional period, the Singles’ Ministry wants to help you get plugged in.If you would like to be included on our email or mailing list and receive occasional information regarding upcoming events and activities, or information pertinent to the life as a Christian single adult, please feel free to contact us at Marcus provides a healthy perspective and support to those dealing with divorce and recovery.

If you are a church leader who works with single adults and want to network with us, we also welcome you to take advantage of our bi-yearly Singles’ Leadership Forum. I love the Church and yet I have wrestled with the Church until I grew limp. Case in point, the time recently when I found myself scouring church websites looking up information about Divorce Care groups. I am sure that the website designers are probably all married. I am sure they probably thought they were making it easy for us singles to find our way around their site. SEE ALSO: Anyone Can Have a Singles Ministry Which is my point exactly: Listen, I know there are a thousand voices clamoring for attention in every congregation, that there’s a cause a day vying for someone to do something.In my twenty-eight years of trying to walk with Jesus, I have been an active part of three churches – even being on staff twice at one of them – and I have learned so much from each one. Many of the churches made it abundantly simple for a newcomer to find the time and location of the next Divorce Care session, which was completely thoughtful and forward-thinking of them. I know that every sub-group has its list of concerns. I’m not going to attempt to quote statistics here – mainly because there is much disagreement on this topic – but I will say this: Even in our couples’ culture, there are many, many Single adults in the Church – never married, divorced, widowed.Within moments, I heard back from many, and not one woman was able to honestly answer with “really well.”SEE ALSO: How You Can Start A Singles Ministry Church, we have a dilemma on our hands. And I believe singles are an often misunderstood group. And when I say that, I mean even within the single population themselves.

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