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She lives in Middlesex and is widowed with three surviving children aged 33, 41, and 44.

But in June 1981, she went into premature labour and gave birth to a stillborn son'The emphasis was instead on getting on and having the next baby.

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While she gave birth to a healthy son - now aged 38 and with two young children of his own - when she fell pregnant a year later, a second daughter, Jennifer, was stillborn, again at around 31 weeks.

As Jeanne says: 'It's only recently that my husband has been able to accept his own grief and talk openly about it, probably because we have met other bereaved fathers through Sands and it's made him feel able to do so.'Linda Goganian, 68, an education co-ordinator, who believes many women would have benefited from being encouraged to open up in their grief.

Above, Alice with her family If, like me, you are a more recently bereaved mother, one of the around 3,500 affected in the UK every year, you know that no matter how wretched you feel, you are still far luckier than women of Clare's generation.

Back then, women were expected to simply press on with their lives without support or even acknowledgment of their bereavement.

For information and support, or to make a donation to Sands, please visit call the national helpline on 020 7436 5881 or email [email protected], Jeanne, who lives in Berkshire with husband John, 67, a retired chief executive, scoured her local library for information that might help her make sense of what had happened, but there wasn't a single book about stillbirth.She was horrified that women were being left to endure the agony alone and was very lonely For Jeanne and John, the heartbreak was to be repeated twice more.Then, check out our full selection of knives below and remember that most orders over receive free shipping!Welcome to, and with the approval of Randall Made Knives, home of the official Randall Authentication.

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