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While I was sitting there on their computer, she said to me, "I can't sleep". I turned my attention to the computer, she was soundless behind me on the futon. When I would get up towards the top of her hamstring, right where the ass cheek meets I stayed up in that area a bit longer withe my hand. Damn, if my wife walked in, I thought to myself, I'd be dead. A few more minutes of rubbing her hamstring and I could tell she was really enjoying it. The computer chair was pretty high so my dick was eye level with her. " I commanded, taking her head and placing it on the rod. While banging this slut hard I was slapping the shit out of her ass cheeks. I held onto her hips and pulled her back very hard and forcefully into my cock as I fucked her. All of a sudden, I shot my third load deep inside her. The Time Had Finally Come House Call Brown REALLY Delivers! I stood and looked up at the window and didn't see Michael. I heard footsteps above for a few seconds but no voices. Imagine that, just a few hours ago I was watching her walk around the house in black tights and now I was slapping the shit out of them. "Here I cum you slut." I was now fucking her like a wild man. As I got up from the lounge chair, It must've been close to 5AM. I was now leaning against the door and she was pressing against me. Little does she realize I'm going to make it a goal of mine to fuck her in every room in her house while we are here on the visit. But fast forward and here I am about to fulfill the fantasy but with a slut who wants my Johnson! I lifted her off the ground and carried her over to the lounge chair. Opening her legs, I entered her with my rock hard dick. After about 30 seconds, she began to grind against me. There was a hot neighbor at the party and I thought of how good it would feel if I fucked her on it. " She begged, wrapping her arms around me and holding on very tight.

"Hey, just my shoulders" she said as she turned her head back towards me, giving me a mean look. If I was going to make my move, I better get on with it; plus, I knew somewhere around 4ish, my wife got up and had to go to the restroom - it was like clockwork.

I hate to admit it, but already she did it better than my wife. This slut was licking my shaft, using her hands on my balls and even moaning like she was enjoying it. I grabbed her face, pulled her up to me and screamed at her in a low tone, "I'm going to cum in your mouth you fucking whore!

When I first met my wife, she told me her sister thought I was crazy.

"Relax, your arms are connected to your shoulders" as I explained some medical bullshit I recalled from some bullshit health class back in college. As I stared at my sister in-law, I noticed she had her eyes closed and she was clearly enjoying her massage.

I leaned over and looked down her PJ top which was opened. I gradually began to rub her breasts harder, pinching her erect nipples.

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