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- I don't feel any pressure in the coolant reservoir - Battery is charged (tried it with jumper cables too) - immobilizer turns off (light goes out) Now the head i've fitted was slightly different; it uses the newer self tensioning roll on the cambelt and it didn't have the distributor on the end of the inlet camshaft like the older head.

Therefore i fitted the camshafts of the head i took out.

(otherwise i couldn't fit the distibutor) Any ideas where to look next?

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I really don't have any cam sensors, not in the old head, not in the new head.

Hello all, I've bought a 1997 1.8 non vvc MGF about two weeks ago. Driving it home i decided to give it some more revs and disaster happened... Now the engine does turn over on the starter but won't start.

So i bought a second hand cylinder head, had it skimmed and replaced cambelt and head gasket (reinz multi-layer) and built it all up again.

Looking for A replacement engine I think, of I'll might dat goodbye to the Mg...

Are you sure that you got the cams back in the correct place and correct positions for timing?

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