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The couple exchanged the wedding vows amidst of around 300 guests.The guest arrived at the wedding location in the black mini buses with tinted windows, and Simon Cowell was riding in Rolls-Royce, which was arranged for guests in the event.Till date, she was once involved in legal trouble with her then-manager Scott Michaelson.The case was sued by him against Valance and court verdict was against her. Valance, who had a briefly successful pop career, will be paired off with a "hot pro", claims the tabloid report.The Australian actress is currently dating billionaire property developer Nick Candy.She hates not being able to enjoy herself at posh restaurants with Nick and she's treated herself a couple of times but she's doing really well.Australian actress Holly Valance is among those very few lucky ones who she tied the knot with her billionaire husband in a lavish not lees than a fairy tale wedding ceremony. Caption: Holly Valance with her husband Nick Candy in their wedding day on September 29, 2012, California.

HOLLY Valance and billionaire Nick Candy have married in Los Angeles.Valance admits she was so overwhelmed by Candy's luxurious lifestyle she almost ended the relationship, but now the Kiss Kiss hitmaker is smitten with the entrepreneur. He's a hard-working genius and he's got as much right as anyone else to love and be loved.She tells Britain's Daily Mail, "The wealth and the lifestyle were overwhelming initially. So you just stop looking at his bespoke chandelier and his gorgeous car and start focusing on him'. "I've got such a disgusting, wide, smug grin on my face all the time that my friends just want to slap me.Talking about how they crossed paths, Holly met Nick a mutual friend’s dinner party, and they started dating from 2009.They relationship grew rapidly, and Nick proposed Holly in December 2011, during their Christmas holiday to Maldives. She is from a big Australian family, with younger siblings, so she knows exactly what she is doing.

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