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Instead of looking for confrontation, as we had to do in the past, we have started to propose ideas, especially on social media.

This is because to cast an image of himself as more democratic and open to modern society, the new president has official accounts on Facebook and Twitter, as do the Minister of Communication and the Governor of the capital city, Luanda.

We want to not have to be constantly fighting and confronting the powers that be. I want to carry on sharing my thoughts and ideas without being involved in conflict the whole time. Apart from corruption, what are the major challenges that the new president faces?

It’s exhausting, especially when you get beaten up, you get stitches in your head and you have to spend a year in prison. There is urgent need to invest in education and health.

We decided that to get our ideas working, we first needed to liberate ourselves from totalitarian rule.

Now the old president is gone and the new president is showing some openness, so we want to explore the situation and find out how far this openness reaches.

The government should show more openness, for instance by being more present on social media and making live broadcasts of meetings. The 2010 constitution was designed to suit dos Santos.

Besides its geomorphological interest, the Arboletes littoral is an interesting example of historical, kilometric-magnitude erosional coastline changes driven by the combination of natural- and man-induced causes including, in a short-term perspective, the poor geotechnical properties of rocks, bioerosion, absence of rainfall and waste waters management, strong wave action, beach sand mining, and inadequate coastal engineering practices.

One of the main reasons why we thought the new president would not do anything is that under the Angolan electoral system we vote for a party, not a candidate for president, and dos Santos remains the president of the ruling party. We knew there was disruption within the ruling party, but the level of disruption is only now becoming apparent. How is civil society reacting to these changes and the new opportunities that may open? The new president’s intentions appear to be good, so we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

In 2011, we decided that confrontation was the only way to go, because if we tried to do small projects on the side, they would only come and shut us down.

Net sand drift during the year in the area is toward the SW.

The Arboletes -Punta Rey landscape is configured by an emerged marine terrace, a diapiric dome with active mud volcanoes, and by cliffs and their associated erosional features including caves, arches, stacks, and scarps of mass movements.

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