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The second watermark is a (probably crowned) coat of arms, with rampant lions symmetrically placed in two of five quarters, with a small centre shield, which may all be identified when doing some heraldic research. The artist of my drawing may well have bought his paper with him from It is possible to identify the right period of the Van der Ley watermarks of which I do attach a couple of them found in the same paper (where a nice piece of the Giudizio Universale from Michelangelo was engraved)?The animal below the crest may refer to the Order of the Golden Fleece. Thanking a lot for anything You may provide, I send You my best regards.That is why we are trying to appeal for some help towards the specialist community.We would need to know more about the VDL paper maker (Van der Leyde?

(Amsterdam 1585-1634 Kampen), kept in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.

Moreover: the chance that you will find an identical watermark, from the same paper mill and the same time, is very, very little.

I'm working on a bequest of prints made by the Austrian artist Hugo Henneberg who died in 1918 and was best known for his photographs.

Please send us your questions & answers and further information - more than one answer is most welcome! Its on a sheet of paper with a small piece of text which I think may have been written by William Lambarde.

If you want to remain anonymous, please indicate so -century watermarks as cited eg. But I wonder if anyone has come across this particular example.

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