Updating php centos

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IC24: New ic24initial_action ini option to determine how new and modified files should be treated when about to execute.

IC24: New ic24initial_notify ini option to flag whether a notification should be generated when execution is attempted of a new or modified file. Fix for issue where, with the PHP 7.0 and 7.1 Loaders, reading unencoded files on Windows could crash.

IC24: Internal changes to support future features and enhancements. Firstly, for the incorrect registration of certain Loader ini settings.

Secondly, for the get File Name reflection API function sometimes producing a crash in the PHP 7 Loader.

numeric indexes of the array that do not have values.

Fix for issue in PHP 7.1 where a call to a stored procedure can lead to an incorrect "unbuffered queries are active" error.

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If this cannot be used, we also provide a Loader Wizard PHP script that gives guidance on installing manually.

Fix for issue with the PHP 7.1 Loader where a crash may occur when running a function to generate a dynamic key.

Fix for issue where a primary script with an external key that is obtained via a URL will fail.

The new Encoder and Loader provide a fix for PHP 5.6 encoding where instances of __DIR__ and __FILE__ were not converted properly to the location of the encoded file at runtime.

Fix for potential issue with obfuscation of unqualified function names used within a namespace. ion Cube24 Fix for issue with symlinks used within a trusted include path. ion Cube24 option to block or allow scripts via stdin.

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